Lets all Reminisce!

Reminisce festival a place where we all get to relive our great nights out, dancing the legs off to many of the great dance anthems of our youth ...


Liverpool has had an amazing nightlife for many years crossed with a great couple decades of dance classics, some that originated from the great artist of our home city so where better to be the birthplace of the UK's best oldskool dance festival!

September the 8th 2018 we managed to get a couple of tickets and loaded up our festival gear and got ready to explore what this festival had to offer.

Reminisce festival is a full day festival set in a huge park in St. Helens near Liverpool. This years festival seen 14000 ravers gather in one field to relive some of the best dance classics.

As we entered the festival not knowing truly what to expect this year (apart from the line up ) it had rained all week and we went ready for the mud wellies and macs at the ready (we didn’t need too ) went in open-minded to just go explore enjoy and live whatever the festival had to throw at us .... fast forward 12 hours we walked out blown away by the whole experience .


Some of the best dance acts all in one field. So much love between other festival goers. All walks of life gathering round to do nothing but dance our arses off. There were 5 arenas all specialising in their own “genre” of dance music. (We found our love in the clubland arena) with more of the prominent names from the late 90s chart-toppers we settled! And personally waited for the headline of this arena Cascada “every time we touch“. (Just check the line up )We explored all the arenas to get a taste of the arenas and to see what they all had to offer. Each tent had its own unique feel .but overall I can say I was blown away by the shows !!!! staging and lighting wow. Seriously imagine being in some of the best clubs in your life and roll them all into one place! The hairs stood up the goosebumps were unreal and the energy was ecstatic.

Once we found our arena of choice, we headed the bar to spend what we thought was going to be the usual extortionate festival prices we have come to expect over the years. We headed out the arena you are greeted by food stalls, treat stalls, Prosecco gardens and fairground rides merch stalls, makeup stalls face paint the list goes on there is ample of other things to do! As we joined the bar we found the cues to basically disappear as everyone was quickly served and headed back to the action , the prices at the bar where beyond reasonable and yes buying in bulk ie a create but still individually drinks worked out a lot cheaper then I’d expect from some of the bars in town , we headed back to our spot and danced the night away we got to see some of clublands best dance acts and some of the biggest international artist all in one field all in a safe and loving environment . I honestly can say it’s one of the better festivals the Uk is offering and has its own unique feel to it.

And luckily for us, it’s in our hometown (nearly ) until next year all I can do is reminisce on such a great day and night and say a massive thank you for the memories x

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