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This City, is our City...and we love it!

Home, this is a place that as we travel through life we always keep a piece of it in our hearts.

The city we live in sometimes is great place to set a day to one side and become a tourist and experience the things you don't even know are under your nose.

There is a few hidden gems that we just pass everyday and think nothing of it.

The city of Liverpool is a stunning place rich in heritage and culture. We are a city that’s proud of who we are, what we are , and importantly where we came from .

Like many a port city’s there is dark past that built our city. Since the ages of the Cotton trade we can’t hide away that it’s this part in history that help put Liverpool on the map. But we have come a long way to become a vibrant city that has so much to offer to tourist and home birds alike.

It’s safe to say with out the Beatles we most probably would have faded into history .

But culture is alive and well. It is what keeps many a city’s afloat, but in Liverpool, culture beats through our hearts an through our streets and ally ways and in the most unlikely places you will find something amazing that will literally breathe new lease of life into the unexpected.

We are a world heritage site. This makes us apart of sacred club that puts us in same category as some amazing places (like the Taj Mahal) We have so many museums dedicated to our stunning past (and present) the grade listed buildings make us an amazing landmark for many tourists and a filming hotspot. We are the pioneers in passenger railways and most obvious we are the leaders in pop music thanks to many of the music artist that originated from this magnificent city.

We have one of the biggest cathedrals !!!! Liverpool Cathedral ranks as the fifth-largest cathedral in the world!

These few little things are just some of the amazing things our city is known for

Recently being ranked as a must see city to visit before you die and if all this isn’t enough to go by we have decided to look into what our city has to offer and share what we love about our city.

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