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Thanks for the coffee!

When you are sat having your last ever Coffee in your all time favourite coffee roasting house in Albir... an then the rains just flow!


As the storm rolls in we are sat here thinking about how much we really want our website and Instagram to become a success and for us to be able to create content we love all around the world.

We aren’t after a free ride or an easy cop out we love to work when we know it’s appreciated and when we can be proud of it. So we really are pushing it forward to make this dream career become a reality. With our Media degrees in tow and my several years of travel and tourism training we are ready to advance to the next level.

We have watched this little coffee roasters grow from strength to strength over the past few years and how they have begun to expand and develop into a much loved and sort after brand. D’Origen started as a small shop with their own little beautiful roasting machine in the back and quickly stole the show for how a coffee should be.

With award winning baristas and a team of staff who do not change, they are doing something right all around. They supply all over the Costa and way beyond. How badly we wish to have our own little franchise or store serving their glorious nectar.

As for the rest of the town, if your under 40 there really isn’t much to do bar lap up oodles of amazing coffee and take advantage of the less hectic beaches and their water sports.

This doesn’t mean that we haven’t enjoyed what it has to offer over the 5 yrs we have been visiting Nan and although we are ready for this little chapter to end we are going to miss D’Origen and its staff more than we care to admit.

So all that’s left to say is Thank you for supplying us with an amazing little hangout that has kept us sane, excited and most of all happy over the last few years.

Marco, Toni, Patricio and the rest of the team, it’s been an absolute please and we wish you all the best xxx

Phaedra & Cass (Pinky & Red)

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