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10 Years 10 Adventures

So this year marks the 10th anniversary of our relationship and to celebrate we have decided to go on 10 adventures.

We started the year off in Spain visiting family, this is always a great time of the year to walk along the beach and sit in our favourite coffee shop planning the year ahead.

This year we decided that we are going to push forward and make our goals of being travel photographers a reality so have set the wheels in motion and we booked a march trip to Barbados!

We are not rich by any means, hell we are not even comfortable as it stands but we decided we can't let that get in our way and why should you let the rat race rule you too?

So we took some savings and started learning, planning and scoping out THE best possible places we could go for our money.

I will regularly update this post with how much each of our trips cost us and how we managed to get them for the price we did. It may be of some interest to some and for others you may be lucky enough to not need to bargain hunt, but if you are why not save some money and pay it forward and help someone else in need rather than waste it?

So this years list of adventures is goin to be both around the world and in the UK. And I aim to have improved my writing skills to actually represent my personality a tad more whilst we do this. Cos I swear Im not quite as boring as I sound when I write!

1: Spain

2: Barbados

3: Barrie Island

4: Texas

5: Nashville

6: Vegas

7: LA

8: Barcelona

9: TBC

10: TBC

UPDATE: We are 6th months in and totally off target! New jobs, family losses & mini breakdowns have set us behind but we are not out of the game yet! We may have to have a few staycations to get us across the marker but watch this space we will give you loads to read and watch as we tumble through our 30’s!

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