Luna Self Care Pamper Kit

Self designed & engraved wooden storage box containing a collection of goodies to make your pamper night special. 

- Epsom Bath salts with real Lavender flowers

- Hand made cleansed crystal infused scented candle in a grounding essential oil fragrance

- Lavender and crystal incrusted intention setting candle

- Miniature Amethyst keyring

- Sage scented incense cones

- Original design and engraved coaster 

- Selection of tea

- Chocolate treats

- Multi crystal bracelet

- Reusable face wipes made by local business - Made By Rachel

- Face Mask & Moisturiser

- Hemp Hair Mask

- 2 sets of under-eye masks

- Bath strainer, to stop all your flowers and petals clogging up your bath, because who wants to deal with that after having such a relaxing experience? 

Luna Box Self Care Pamper Kit