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About Us

Phaedra & Cass, Tynk & Tiggs, Luna & Ludu, Red & Ped.... are just a few of the colourful names we have been known as over the past decade together. We met in our final year of University, while studying Media Production. From the moment we met we clicked, and not a single day has gone by without speaking to each other since.


Working as a duo came naturally to us, and after several amazing years working in the TV & Film industry as a duo we were well known as a couple, who could not only work together without any hassle, but we were recognised as an effective and productive team, accomplishing together as a duo what 5 or 6 people had accomplished previously. Thus, we were hired for multiple productions together, even working on a few of award winning films.


After several years, the travel bug that we both suffered from had not left us, so we decided to end our careers in the film industry, having accomplished so much and knowing nothing compared to the passion and dedication our teams had shown for the art we had just created. When the travel bug bites there is no escape, no antidote, the only thing we could do is travel, to see the world, to experience different cultures and continents with our own eyes.


So we decided to create a travel blog, where we could put our skills in working in the TV & Film industry, to create a spectacular and thought provoking visual blog - so people could use our travels as inspiration to travel and plan their own adventures.


Our road has not been easy, but what well-travelled road has? We have both suffered losses of two of the most important people in our lives as well as several others. We have scrimped and saved and took any other work we could to find, so we could visit family abroad and from there explore even further.


Through bar work & photography, photographing babies, weddings and models around the country we have built up our portfolio to support our travel blog, and to trying to build up our experience and portfolio of work to support our new venture and prepare for the biggest adventure of our lives – a life of traveling and blogging about the colourful world we will get to see, all so we can encourage and inspire others to search out their own inescapable travel bug.

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